I am looking back at how my journey began, and the year was 2016 when I decided, prior to my first trip in the Alps, to acquire some photography skills, along with all the necessary equipment. The journey began through Photoion Photography School in London, where I met Ion. A great photographer, a very nice person and today I can call him a friend and a mentor. Under his wing I did quite a few workshops and to this day, I am not 100% sure if I have decided in which type of photography I want to focus on! But for the shake of the argument, I have to admit Landscape, Mountains and the night skies have seemed to pick my interest mostly. I do however like to photograph more complicated subjects, them being people, both with the natural light but also in the comfort of my studio.

    For me the Art of Photography is all about the story. It may seem easy to click the button and frame a nice photo but in my humble opinion, adding the story behind the shot is probably the bread and butter of every photo. To that extend, I would like to invite you to tag along in my journey and hopefully you can enjoy the story telling sharing.

  This the section that makes us humans break a sweat, certainly. I remember since I was a kid and also throughout the years during interviews this, probably was the most uncomfortable time; when someone asked me "Tell me about yourself". At least for me, I always find this About Me topic intimating, but not sure why though. However, I will give it a shot nonetheless.